Where could we create woodland in England?

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Terra Sulis has been working with Friends of the Earth on creating a woodland opportunity map for England. The methodology developed in the Chew Valley has been extended to map all of England to identify marginal land that might be considered for woodland creation whilst avoiding high quality arable land, protected areas and priority habitats such as peat bogs and biodiverse grasslands.

Visit the Friends of the Earth Woodland opportunity mapping page to view the England map.

If you live in the Chew Valley then visit Chew Valley Plants Trees to find out what is going on locally.

You can download the Terra Sulis report of mapping woodland opportunity in England here:

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  1. Julie Payne

    Is this only Chew Valley? How about Kent? There is a partially wooded golf course that is on the edge of the Kent Downs that would fit perfectly but is under threat of housing…??!