Interactive Map of Chew Valley’s Trees

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There is a new Chew Valley Woodland Map page that has an interactive map that brings together a set of key information layers including:

  • Existing Woodlands, Small Woods and Trees, Hedgerows and Shrubs
  • Opportunity Woodland – marginal land where you might consider planting Woodland, derived from the National Forest Inventory and DEFRA LiDAR data
  • Land Registry INSPIRE polygon identifiers – for finding land owner information
  • Ordnance Survey topographic base map

You can read more about the Opportunity Woodland mapping in these pages and also at Friends of the Earth.

The Woodland map data is from the National Forest Inventory for 2018.

The Small Woods, Trees and Hedgerows were developed by Terra Sulis from Environment Agency LiDAR data.

Have a look at the map here.

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