The following data sets were utilised in the analysis. Unless otherwise stated they are available under the Open Government Licence. Value was added to the Agricultural Land Classification to generate Grade 3b which is missing from the MAFF data. Value was also added to the CROME crop maps to generate a temporal classification of all four years of the existing data series. Various other open data sets were used for cartographic purposes and these are annotated on the relevant maps.

The grid of the Terrain 50 data was used as the basic framework on which to rasterise all other data sets.

Data SetSource
National Forest InventoryForestry Commission, 2018
Terrain 50Ordnance Survey
Agricultural Land ClassificationNatural England (MAFF)
Priority HabitatsNatural England
Special Protection Areas (Birds)Natural England
Special Areas of Conservation (Habitats)Natural England
Ramsar Sites (Wetlands)Natural England
Sites of Special Scientific InterestNatural England
National Nature ReservesNatural England
Local Nature ReservesNatural England
Moorland LineRural Payments Agency (not used directly)
Green SpacesOrdnance Survey
CROME Crop MapsDEFRA, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
National ParksNatural England
Areas of Outstanding Natural BeautyNatural England
Green BeltMinistry of Housing, Communities and Local Government