This map contains the following layers:

  • Ordnance Survey base map
  • Opportunity Woodland (where you might consider creating woodland, red blocks)
  • National Forest Inventory Woodland areas (greater than 0.5 ha, dark green)
  • Small Woods and individual trees (existing small woods and trees, mid green)
  • Hedgerows and shrubs (light green)
  • Land ownership index polygons (see note below)

The map contains data copyright (c) Ordnance Survey 2021, (c) Environment Agency 2021, (c) DEFRA 2021, under the Open Government Licence.


Land Titles

If you zoom in a lot numbers will appear in the middle of fields and properties. These are Land Registry INSPIRE Index Polygons that can be used to look up the land owners at the Land Registry for the price of a small fee. To do this first find the index number and make a note of it. Then go to the Land Registry page and type in the index number:

Find a property – HM Land Registry-INSPIRE ID enquiry (for INSPIRE users)

Indicate that you are not a Robot and click on Search. You should then have the option to buy the Title for the sum of £3.

Take note that the index polygons do not necessarily represent the whole property area and more than one polygon might cover the property. You can normally tell if this is the case by the presence of straight horizontal or vertical boundaries. To save buying the same title twice it is worth having a careful look at the boundaries and you can normally work out which ones belong together.