CORINE Land Cover, Wales

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Corrine grassland are identified by isolating class 231 (pastures) and excluding all other classes including class 321 (natural grasslands). CORINE classes are converted to a broad set of general classes using the following look up table: DN From to … Continued

Protected Areas

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The following protected areas data are used in the analysis: Priority Habitats – good quality semi-improved grassland The priority habitats are described here. These codes are coordinated across England and Wales. They are used as the DN value when rasterising … Continued

CROME Crop Maps

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The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) retrospectively publishes crop maps of England each year. Four years of data are now available: 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. These maps are derived from Sentinel-1 (radar) and Sentinel-2 (optical) satellite imagery and use a … Continued

England & Wales

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These pages describe data, data process and methodology for woodland opportunity mapping in England and Wales. The content is for project development purposes and is password protected.